Justin Young Trustee Campaign

For a politician there are only two things that really matter beyond their character: their platform and their image.

5 min read

Justin Young was an incredible project to be a part of. For a politician there are only two things that really matter beyond their character: their platform and their image. Justin came to Foreman Creative with incredible character and a great platform but needed help with building an image which would allow him to reach the most people possible in a sustainable manner. We were excited to be able to help in this venture as Justin did not want the same boring campaign materials which are ignored and thrown out with the junk mail. Justin needed to be seen and to be recognized. We helped Justin craft more traditional campaign materials, with fresh and modern innovation, while also crafting more modern-day campaign materials. Listen to what Justin had to say on this:

"I highly recommend Foreman Creative if you are looking for a group that can bring your marketing and social media presence to the next level.  Foreman Creative handled all of the marketing aspects of my campaign from yard signs to flyers to social media to video commercials that I ran on various platforms. Use a creative person that thinks outside of the box. Be creative with your designs, how you message, understand different avenues that address individual sensory needs, and trust the process.  Foreman Creative pushed me outside of my comfort zone slightly, but I needed it."

Justin was a great client to work with, not only because he trusted us to understand his needs and to not only fulfill those, but to exceed those, but because he was able and willing to match our commitment to his vision. We could tell you all about this, but Justin says it best.

"With the help from Foreman Creative, I captured the most votes ever by a village trustee.  In a field of seven candidates, and the ability to choose three, I was able to capture 67% of the vote.  The next closest candidate was 26%.  I was able to receive 80 less votes [than] a new Mayor [who] was running unopposed. I truly believe that my hard work played a large role in this, but my hard work couldn't have come to fruition without the services rendered by Foreman Creative.  Dimitri Foreman really helped me elevate my brand presence beyond my expectations, and the proof of concept prevailed last year during election time."

It is satisfying enough to see a well-crafted branding solution come together, but to get praise like this, and have numbers reflect the value of what we do leaves us overjoyed knowing we could help clients realize their goals/vision.