Rebranding Life Change Church: A Vision of Faith & Design

Foreman Creative reveals the transformative rebranding of Life Change Church, embodying a journey of faith, growth, and vibrant community spirit in Milford. The new logo and design elements, born from a rich collaboration, resonate deeply with the church’s mission, symbolizing a continuous journey of spiritual renewal. This rejuvenated identity heralds a new era, celebrating the church’s unwavering commitment to excellence and community evolution.

5 Minutes

Life Change Church is planted in the heart of Milford. Rooted firmly as a testament to their faith & their community. As their community has grown, Life Change has also grown, and with that an appearance change is blooming. Foreman Creative is excited to have been invited on this coming-of-age story with Life Change Church, and to give some logo design guidance through their transformation.

A Logo With a Deeper Meaning

The new logo for Life Change Church transcends symbolism, and tells a complete story. Inspired by the universally recognized symbol for "recycling". The logo's three arrows in a circle are emblematic of the church's mission: "Lead the lost to Jesus, Grow to be like Him, and Serve people." This cyclical design underscores the church's commitment to a continuous journey of faith, growth, and service. It's not just a logo; it's a visual testament to the transformative and renewing power of faith.

Beyond Aesthetics: A Collaborative Vision

Rebranding is a comprehensive endeavor, while the logo is a focal point, the journey delves deeper, creating a cohesive brand identity. Life Change Church’s rebranding was founded in an intimate collaboration between Foreman Creative and the church's Director of Marketing and Communications.

The Marketing Director shared the church's vision for their brand with Foreman Creative, describing color palettes, typography, and other important details. Their vision, and Foreman Creatives expertise became a crucible where ideas melded and evolved. Together the perfect blend of "pop" colors and modern typography emerged, resonating with the church's ethos and appealed to their diverse congregation.

Foreman Creative, lead the logo redesign, while carefully embracing the church's vision for bold, clean, and contemporary typography. The exploration surveyed a plethora of typefaces with a singular focus: finding a typography style which is equally legible and profound.

The color palette chosen vibrantly reflects the church's spirit. A dominant blue, paired with contrasting whites and grays, forms the primary set. An alternative palette bursts forth with a striking pink and a lively yellow which complement the logo, while also encapsulating the church's dynamic and evolving nature.

A New Dawn for Life Change Church

With the new brand identity firmly in place, Life Change Church underwent a significant transformation. The church building, a Milford landmark, was renewed with a fresh coat of paint mirroring the new brand colors while new signs, bearing the redesigned logo, now welcome both members and newcomers. WIth that, the renewal is finished signaling a new era for the church.

In Conclusion

Rebranding must be more than a visual metamorphosis. It requires alignment with renewed purpose and vision. The journey of Life Change Church and Foreman Creative was a remarkable victory for the power of collaboration, understanding, and a zeal for excellence. As Life Change Church continues its mission in Milford, its rejuvenated identity stands as a welcome beacon of growth, evolution, and an unwavering commitment to faith.