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Millennials Suck! Podcast

Foreman Creative partnered with "Millennials Suck!" podcast, a Cincinnati-based showcase podcast that features intimate hangout sessions with various talented and innovative individuals. The podcast, which started in late 2019, was the brainchild of J Lee Campbell and Dillon Foreman, who were initially just friends and artists looking to archive their deep and enthusiastic conversations. Over time, it has evolved into a widely recognized platform where listeners can learn about everything from art to aliens, dinosaurs to dad jokes, and experience what it's like to hang out with the movers and shakers of the world on their nights off​. Foreman Creative played a vital role in the branding, website, and graphic design work for the podcast, which greatly contributed to its growth and success over the years. Dimitri Foreman of Foreman Creative LLC was responsible for all the artwork associated with the podcast, helping to create a distinctive and engaging visual identity that complements the podcast's eclectic and innovative content​. Today, Foreman Creative is more than just a design partner; it is an official sponsor of "Millennials Suck!" podcast, handling all of their website and branding needs. This partnership underscores Foreman Creative's commitment to supporting creative initiatives and their ability to foster long-term relationships with their clients.