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Branding, Web Design, & Marketing

Sun Valley Lawn & Landscape

Foreman Creative was contracted by Sun Valley Lawn & Landscape to help elevate their branding, website, and marketing to match their high standard of services. Sun Valley desired a unique and bold brand identity that stood out in the saturated landscaping and lawn care market, and Foreman Creative delivered precisely that.

Sun Valley, known for their high-quality services and use of top-tier equipment, was looking for a brand representation that echoed these attributes. They cater to large scale landscaping projects in high-end communities and homes, and it was essential that their brand and online presence reflected their top-tier offerings​​.

Foreman Creative started by creating a logo from scratch. They listened attentively to Sun Valley's vision of a bold, sporty, and colorful logo, and successfully turned that vision into a tangible design. The new logo effectively represents Sun Valley's brand identity, embodying the spirit of the company and its high-quality services​.

The branding project also included designing marketing materials, printed materials, and merchandise. Foreman Creative created social media graphics and content that were consistent with the new brand image. They offered consultations and worked within Sun Valley's budget to deliver a cohesive and effective branding package.

In addition to branding, Foreman Creative also redesigned Sun Valley's website. The new site reflects the company's commitment to quality, professionalism, and community, and showcases their wide range of services, from maintenance and lawn care to gardening and landscaping​​. It includes a section dedicated to highlighting their commitment to sustainability and community involvement, core principles of Sun Valley​.

Foreman Creative's work has transformed Sun Valley's brand to accurately represent their high level of service. By creating a new logo and comprehensive branding materials, and redesigning their website, Foreman Creative has ensured that Sun Valley stands out as a distinctive, high-quality service provider in a competitive market.

This project showcases Foreman Creative's expertise in understanding their client's vision and needs and using that understanding to create compelling and representative visual designs and marketing materials. Their work with Sun Valley Lawn & Landscape is a testament to their skill in creating a cohesive brand identity that truly embodies the client's values and service level.

Non-Profit logo for "Lawns for Vets" services.